Once upon a time, there was a campaign called NMP3, which aimed to stop tits being seen as news and a ‘man’ that we’ll call Shortarse McDickhead decided he didn’t like women speaking up and went on the attack.

He spent hours sending tweets, writing Facebook posts and generally being a nuisance

When the women at the NMP3 campaign had had enough of being nice, they blocked his accounts and this made Shortarse very cross indeed. So he started making up new accounts from which to do the same. Over and over again the women blocked him, and over and over again, he found new ways to harass them

Eventually, The Sun agreed that tits aren’t news and the NMP3 women had a well deserved break from being told that they were prudes who didn’t like sex from random men on the internet.

But Shortarse had his dander up. He thought that NO women should be able to say things he doesn’t like, so he looked about for a new campaign to harass.

One day, as he was trolling through Twitter, with his trusty trolling club by his side, he noticed a campaign called Yes Matters, which is run by a brave young woman whose sister had been murdered.

Shortarse didn’t like some of the things he thought that campaign was saying, so he decided that it would be a good idea to attack them too. He knew that the woman’s sister had been murdered, but he still thought it would be a good idea to harass her and make her life really difficult.

The woman who runs the campaign and some of the supporters of it spent ages showing Shortarse sources, full texts and context for the poster that made him so very angry, but Shortarse doesn’t like facts, he just likes stalking and harassing women.

Shortarse thought it was ok to say mean things to the women of the YM campaign, but it really isn’t, and those women decided to block him. Again, this made him very cross! How dare those women not listen to him and do as he says! So he made lots and lots of accounts (more than 100 so far) simply so that he could harass and stalk those women. One day, he would fixate on one woman, the next day on another but he would always have mean and rude things to say.

One day, the women supporting YM decided that enough was enough, and collated some of Shortarse’s tweets into a storify. This made him very cross and he stomped and thrashed and shouted, but you can’t argue with things you yourself have said.

He made all sorts of nasty threats to women. He said that he was going to find out a woman’s address and come with a camera crew to shout at her in her own home. Do you know what that’s called children? That’s right! It’s called a credible threat of violence! And we all know what happens when people threaten violence to others, don’t we? He has been warned over and over that what he is doing is breaking the law, but he doesn’t want to stop, he enjoys harming and abusing women on the internet.

This story isn’t quite finished yet children, Shortarse still has 19 active accounts on Twitter as of today. He is still tweeting abuse and threats to women who have asked him not to contact them ever again. He is still making threats to turn up at women’s doors.

So, children, can I ask you all to be very vigilant, and if you spot a nasty troll with his big troll club, that you block, report and ignore him? A very clever woman (who isn’t Lunarfish) regularly tweets out which accounts the troll is shouting from right now, If you’re clever children, you might like to follow because Shortarse isn’t very clever and we always know who he’s pretending to be now.

This was an amusing diversion for a few minutes, but it does have a serious message. Trolling and harassing women online is a crime. Even if you delete your abusive tweets, they can still be brought into evidence against you. As a rule of thumb… if you can’t say anything coherent, it might be an idea to go and play outside for a while.